a lot of people were asking about the star trek extended universe, in particular the novels and such about data’s return, so i decided to just make a post of what i know so far

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I’d also recommend some other books (if you haven’t read them already!). Although they aren’t post-Nemesis, they are good Data-related reads:

  • Survivors - great for Data/Tasha angst, but also just a good read in general, especially with regards to Tasha’s backstory. Definitely one of the better ST:TNG books out there.

  • Metamorphosis - really really really great book focused on Data. I’d recommend reading Survivors beforehand, since it’s by the same author and there are some common threads.

  • Ghost Ship - I almost didn’t recommend this (it has an awful rating on Amazon) but there is some really nice friendship stuff in there between Geordi and Data which I think is worth seeing. However… beware of the extremely average/sometimes silly plot, awkward writing and frequently OOC behaviour exhibited by some characters (the book was written very early on around Season 1 and I’ve read rumours that the author hadn’t seen much of it - perhaps even just the first episode). It might be best to pick this up very cheap on eBay secondhand if you feel up to wading through the awful plot to get to the decent bits.

Just my two cents! Would 100% recommend the first two books in any case.